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Supporting paediatric surgeons and nurses in their efforts to save babies born with life-threatening bowel and urinary problems is the main thrust of ROPSF’s work at present.

Save a young life – we need your help.

It is heart breaking for mothers who give birth to a baby boy or girl with a serious medical problem as life begins. Giving birth should be a lifetime experience bringing joy to the mother and the family as a whole. Sadly for some this turns out to be a time of unbelievable worry and too often self-recrimination. Added to which, so often the specialist hospital is many miles away; travel, time and the uncertainty all add to the mother’s concern.

Fortunately there are a few hospitals in Romania that can offer support with surgical treatment and a level of after care. But especially with bowel and urinary conditions continuing care and advice given by nurses is paramount. It is for these reasons that ROPSF has been requested by the three principal children’s hospitals to offer help in training paediatric stoma care nurses – sharing good practice and being able to assist mothers to better understand the problems and how to overcome these for the benefit of the baby and a new life.

To help achieve this vitally important work, undertaken by a small voluntary team of UK nurses and carers the Romanian Ostomy Patients Support Foundation dearly needs your help – we ask you please to donate to this life saving and rewarding cause – even a few pounds could help to save the life of a new born baby. Just go to the donate button above – the steps are simple.